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10.02.07 - "I wanted to write back to you and just express my heart felt thanks. I pray that the ministry God has placed you in and over will prosper each day and that when you reach heaven the fruit of your labor will greet you and say welcome home."
In His Strong Name

- Darrell

"God bless you Darrell. God bless you so."


"Thanks for your help!  I can’t remember when I’ve had such great customer service – especially on line technical help!  It’s a shining testimony – most definitely!" 

- Deb

"We are here to help. May we never fall short of that."


"The Last Day Warriors rocks when it comes to website development. They do on computers, what you and I see in the spirit.  It is AMAZING to say the least.  Keep up the good work.  Everytime I browse through, it's always a word in due season for me.  What a blessing you are!"

- C Bucholz

"C, its all God. We take no glory or credit."


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