Where have I been?

Many of our faithful followers have wondered "Where have you been for the last six years? Why no new material? What's going on? Do you realize flash is now obsolete????"

I feel, and I know that I do owe you all an explanation.

Here it is.

My last documented activity/updates with our Web Designing and Hosting services was in 2015.

July 17, 2015 my Mom passed away very, ....very unexpectedly. It literally blindsided us all. The devastation was overwhelming to say the least. And to be quite honest, I couldn't function because I was trying to grasp what had happened. ...one day she was here, the next day she was gone. It was too much. My Mom, my confidant and my best friend was GONE. I buried myself in the grief that consumed me greatly. And it got to where "nothing meant nothing". I just couldn't figure out how to go on. Over the course of a few years I lost ALOT of hosting clients and designing jobs. Why? Because I quit answering my phone.

God is merciful. He saw the wounds in my soul that no one else could see or fathom. I started having dreams about my Mom and every single time God showed me she was at peace.

One day I realized I couldn't continue grieving in that dark place. And that I would see my Mom again. She is in a far better place and more alive than any of us.

God has been tugging my heart to get back in the game with web designing and hosting, that it's time. ...actually, it's past time.

Alot has changed. Flash is obsolete!!!! ????????? I don't get that! They can send a man to the moon but they allowed HTML 5 to kill flash????????? Talk about disheartening! Flash was my forte and I miss it SO much!

I have to go through and totally redo our Gabriel Web Hosting and
Last Day Warriors website. There are a TON of flash elements that I need to convert to static images. The LDW site has hundreds of pages so bear with me. I will probably put all the flash templates in a separate section of its own, (just in case they bring back flash). lol But we'll get it organized and move forward.

I apologize to all my visitors. I know that I failed you by not keeping our sites up to date.

And thank you to those who stood by me.

It's time to get organized and move forward.

Thank you for your understanding.


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